This Could Be The #1 Problem With Your Marketing Strategy

By Ryan Boog

How well do you know your customers? Do you know your target audience?

If your answer is no or you cannot answer the following questions, this could be the number one problem with your marketing strategy.

Identifying a target audience provides a clear focus of whom your business will serve and why those consumers need your goods or services. Audience research will help you create relevant content, messaging, and ads. This can lead to higher conversions and better Return on Investment (ROI).

This Could Be The #1 Problem With Your Marketing Strategy

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First, ask yourself these questions:

Does my target market align with my actual customers?

• If it doesn’t, should I change my target market to the customers that are making purchases? Or should I apply different marketing techniques to entice my current target market?

Where do my target customers get their information from?

• Social media

• Word of mouth

• TV

• Billboards

• Radio

• Search engines

• Window shopping/Drive-by

What time are my customers buying our product or service?

• Season

• Time of day

• Day of the week

• Stages of their life

Are my customers more willing to buy my product/service in a store or online?
What problems do my customer's face and how does my product/service solve that problem?
What are the attraction points that my target customer is looking for?

• Environmentally friendly

• Cheap

• Convenient

• Customer service

• High-quality

What does their home life look like?

• Are they married or single?

• Do they have kids?

• Do they live in an apartment, house, or otherwise?

• What do they do in their free time?

• Are they the decision maker for their purchases?

What does their professional life look like?

• Do they work in a city or suburb?

• From home or an office?

• How many hours do they work?

• What are their needs at work?

• What is their income?

How often will they need to renew their purchase of our product/service?

• Do they buy your product every day or only once a year?

Why is not knowing my customers a problem for my marketing strategy?

If you don’t know every detail about your customer, how are you supposed to cater to their needs? If you don’t cater to their needs, why would they choose you to help them?

You need to understand their struggles and then show them your solution in the most convenient way possible.

If I don’t know the answers to these questions, how can I find out?

google reviews

Google reviews

See what your customers love and what they don’t by reading your company's Google reviews. Then take action.


Giving surveys to your past customers can let you know how to improve your future customer's experience. The benefit of these is that you can ask anything that you want to! It is completely custom. To get the best results, only ask the questions that will truly make a difference in your company's actions. Nobody likes to fill out a 10-page survey.

Google analytics

Google analytics can give you irreplaceable information involving people on your website. From demographics to how they found your site to what they did when they got on your site. You will know what went on.

Social media

Each social media platform has its own analytics as well. Each one is different, but you can use this information to your advantage when you compare from month to month.



If you have a store, just sit down and quietly observe people in the store. Where do they walk? How long do they take in the store? Do they seem pleased or angry when they leave?

On the way out, ask them about their experience. Then take notes and group them together later on.

How can I fix my marketing strategy to align with my target market?

Social Media

If you are marketing to 16-year-olds and are relying on Facebook as your main point of communication, you are missing the boat. They are going to be using Instagram and Snapchat more than Facebook. But if you are focused on 40-year-old women, Facebook and Pinterest would be a great source.

You need to look at where your target market is constantly looking and then be a part of the conversation. They can’t use your product or service if they don’t know you exist or why they need it.


With the internet being such a great tool, almost every business has gotten involved in the action. That is why you need to have a professional website that sticks out from the crowd. It should encompass your brand values, benefits, and differentiators. Not only shown with words, but also high-quality photos, blog articles, and an organized layout that is easy to skim.


The environment of your buildings should be welcoming and promote your branding. Your company message should be shown through your employees, decorations, promotional materials, and the layout of your building.

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Brand Voice

Think of your brand as its own person. How would it talk? What would be its opinions on social issues? What colors capture its personality? Decide this and then make sure it is consistent throughout all of the work you do.


The location of your business should be convenient for your customers. Think of where they would be visiting regularly and then place yourself nearby.

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Once I get the right customers, how do I get them to keep coming back?

Great customer service

Even if your product or service does not match the best ones on the market, people will return for great customer service. People like to be treated well and expect that if they are spending their money, you will appreciate the business.

Stay in touch

Emails and social media updates with the latest news will remind people that your company exists.

Don’t be overbearing

Although it is good to keep in touch with people, don’t over do it. If your customer only needs to buy your product once a year, emailing them every day will only make them unsubscribe from your list. Maybe check in once a month with updates.

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Continuously improve

In order to keep up with or beat your competition, you need to constantly improve your efforts. Always strive to be better than the best. This includes your marketing, products, and customer service.

Once you can define your target market and then bring in those customers, your business is on it's road to success. Just remember, those customers could leave at any time. So continuously improve and keep them up to date to make them lifetime fans!

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