How to Attract Homeowners with Digital Responsiveness

Hosted by Darren DeYoung, Elin Enrooth and Ryan Boog

They are Just SO Demanding

Customers have high demands for any business. But is anything more intense than the need to quickly respond to customers? You have so many important things to do so a simple response to a customer can wait, right? The digital responsiveness of a business can make or break a sale. It can make or break a customer. It can be the difference between a 5-star and 1-star review. It can also set a business apart from its competition and attract new customers.

Episode Transcription

We're back for another edition of the Hoist Hangout. Today we're talking about digital responsiveness, specifically how you can attract homeowners while being digitally responsive. And it's a growing concern. So many people expect their questions, their problems, just to be solved immediately by the business they're interacting with. They want to know the cost of a product, the cost of a service. Perhaps they want to book an appointment or ask a question, or ultimately just buy something online and all those transactions, all those interactions have an expectation to be very quick.


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