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Case Study

Local company specializing in traffic safety equipment and intelligent work zones

Street Smart Rental is a traffic safety equipment retailer and rental service. They work with Departments of Transportation and traffic control agencies to deploy equipment across the country. Their equipment is available for purchase or rent and includes message signs, traffic signals, radar speed trailers and traffic detection devices

When they came to us, the team at Street Smart needed assistance with a different kind of traffic; Converting web traffic into sales. Their website needed an improved user experience in order to attract more high-quality leads.

After working with Street Smart to assist in setting their rebranding goals, Hoist was given the green light and went right to work.

Our Challenge

Improving the user experience in order to attract more high-quality leads via Street Smart’s website.

Quick Result

33 new deals resulting in $634,410.69 in revenue

Project Efforts

Website Design

Digital Marketing

Website Optimization

On Page Optimization

Psychology of color + web design

We started by laying out the three main brand colors. Then, complementary colors were added to create balance among the visual elements on the site.


  • Use for success messages
  • Synonymous with a green light, but modernized with a richer and lighter hue


  • Use in informational blocks
  • Synonymous with the light bulbs on signs

Addition by subtraction

The psychology of color can help strengthen a brand, encourage sales, and even guide visitors toward specific pages or actions on a website. But an overabundance of color can distract users from taking meaningful actions. We understand how color affects people and made sure that the website design is working for rather than against Street Smart and their goals.

Addition by subtraction


Just four months following the changes to the website, Street Smart tracked 33 new deals that accounted for $634,410.69 in revenue. This wasn't a web design overhaul, this was knowing how the psychology of color can influence customers and how they respond to marketing messages based on color of text, call-to-action buttons, and links. When website design aligns with conversion optimization, great things happen.


You nailed it! The process was there, the effort was there, the results are there. We are more than impressed. Thank you Hoist!
Brady Markell

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