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Case Study

A large company serving thousands of homeowners

HomeSmart is a service from Xcel Energy that offers peace of mind to homeowners with appliances. HomeSmart covers appliances with their protection and replacement plans. They currently offer services in Minnesota and Colorado.

Hoist was tasked with taking this large brand and making it convert website visitors to customers at a higher rate. Plenty of people visited the website, but they didn't turn into customers at a rate that HomeSmart wished for.

Through on-page optimization, conversion optimization, and user testing we were able to determine user pain points. We observed form fillout behavior and made modifications to reduce friction and simplify the process.

Our Challenge

Make the sign-up process better for homeowners, allowing them to convert into customers at a higher rate.

Quick Result

Initial 86% conversion improvement, and continual improvement for a number of years.

Project Efforts

Website creation

Website optimization

Digital marketing

Paid Ad Optimization

On Page Optimization

Conversion Optimization

A first rate company with a first rate issue

HomeSmart from Xcel Energy came to us in 2011. They were tasked with enhancing their digital presence. Their actual service was, and still is, amazing. But their website left a lot to be desired. It was functional, but it really didn't convert with homeowners at the desired rate.

A first rate company with a first rate issue

The original website was functional, but they still had a ways to go

Getting to know your best customers

The customers that HomeSmart has are very loyal. They pay for their services monthly, and do so with a happy heart. But what really resonates with them? And what turns them off? We spent time getting to know the customers and what they think of the website. We did this through surveys and focus groups. Some of the points that they were pointing out were amazing, and ultimately led to important website decisions.

Some sweet, sweet conversion therapy

With the website ready, HomeSmart had one mission. Convert homeowners to customers. In fact, they thought they were doing a great job at converting. It was time to figure out how they were doing and make a gameplan for success.

Some sweet, sweet conversion therapy

Heatmaps are a quick way to see where users are focusing their attention.

86% improvement in conversions

After the discovery phase was complete, we had a rock-solid plan for improving conversions. Our in-house developers (and in-house is an important fact here) optimized the website in numerous areas in an effort to improve conversion rates. In the initial months, there was an 86% improvement -- this ultimately made them very happy!

We can't say enough, not only has it been fun and eye-opening working with you, but the numbers don't lie, you are doing a great job!
Bella, HomeSmart

A picture is worth 1,000 words

When we did some discovery with their target audience, it turned out that they really wanted to see what it was like to have HomeSmart as their appliance repair "safety net." It's a lot easier to paint this picture with images, instead of words. A photo shoot was arranged to capture meaningful images to convey the proper message.

Homeowner Connection Marketing

Once we knew the website was ready for success, we embarked on setting up a fruitful marketing campaign. Through a multitude of efforts, we drove revenue through the roof and connected countless homeowners with HomeSmart.

Records are made to be broken

We have a practice of setting annual goals with clients and HomeSmart goals have been crushed year after year. This is what happens when it all comes together, connecting homeowners with businesses!

The Hoist team has been invaluable to us. They are quick, responsive and caring. We are on the same page. They truly care about the success of our business.
Susan, HomeSmart

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