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Skyrocket Your Self-Storage Business: A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Your Marketing Strategies and Captivate Your Target Audience

By Jacquie

As a self-storage business owner, you understand the importance of providing a reliable and secure space for people to store their valuable belongings. You know that more and more people are seeking extra storage as urban areas become more crowded and living spaces shrink. But with competition on the rise, it's not enough to simply provide a quality service. You need to find ways to attract and retain customers and keep your business thriving. In this guide, we'll explore powerful and effective marketing ideas for self-storage companies. We'll help you show your customers that your business is not just a solution to their storage needs, but an integral part of their lives.

Skyrocket Your Self-Storage Business: A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Your Marketing Strategies and Captivate Your Target Audience

Digital Marketing

In the age of smartphones and the internet, the world is just a few clicks away. That's why digital marketing has become the superhero for self-storage companies looking to reach their target customers. With the power of the internet, you can take your storage business to new heights and attract more customers than ever before!

Create a Website: A website is the online face of your business. It should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and provide all the necessary information that potential customers need. Make sure your website is mobile-responsive, as most people browse the web using their smartphones.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engines like Google. By using relevant keywords, optimizing meta descriptions, and creating high-quality content, you can improve your website's search engine ranking.

Google Ads: Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that can help you reach potential customers who are searching for self-storage services. By bidding on relevant keywords, you can display your ads at the top of search engine results pages.

Social Media Marketing: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great for building brand awareness and engaging with potential customers. By creating informative and engaging content, you can attract new customers and keep existing ones engaged.


Extra Space Storage, a self-storage company, has a well-designed website that provides all the necessary information to potential customers. They also use Google Ads to target potential customers searching for self-storage services in their area. Moreover, they have a strong social media presence, with over 38,000 followers on Instagram.

Community Outreach

Community outreach is not just a way to promote your self-storage business, it's also an opportunity to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the lives of people around you. By engaging with your community, you can show that your business cares about more than just making a profit. The following activities not only create a positive reputation for your business but also provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment for you and your team.

Sponsor Local Events: Sponsoring local events like charity runs, community fairs, and sports tournaments is an excellent way to reach potential customers while supporting your local community.

Host Workshops: Hosting workshops related to storage, organization, or moving can help potential customers see you as a trusted authority in the industry. You can invite professional organizers, moving companies, and other experts to speak at your workshops.

Donate to Local Charities: Donating to local charities is a great way to give back to your community and build a positive reputation for your business.

Offer Meeting Space: Some self-storage facilities have meeting rooms or event spaces that can be rented out to local organizations or businesses. By offering meeting space, you can attract new customers while building relationships with other local businesses.


Public Storage, a self-storage company, sponsors several local events, including charity runs and community fairs. They also offer assistance to local organizations and have a strong presence on social media, where they share updates about their community outreach activities.

Referral Programs

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and referral programs take advantage of this by encouraging your satisfied customers to spread the word about your self-storage business. By offering a reward or discount to customers who refer their friends or family, you're not only providing an extra incentive for them to recommend your business, but also showing your appreciation for their loyalty. Plus, when potential new customers hear positive recommendations from someone they trust, it can be a major factor in their decision to choose your business over competitors.

Offer Discounts: Offer a discount on storage units or other services to customers who refer their friends or family members to your business.

Provide Rewards: Offer rewards like gift cards or free storage to customers who refer a certain number of new customers.

Make it Easy: Make it easy for your customers to refer their friends and family members. You can create referral cards that customers can hand out to their friends, or you can provide a referral link that customers can share on social media or via email. The easier it is for customers to refer new customers, the more likely they are to do so.

Promote Your Referral Program: Promote your referral program on your website, social media channels, and in your email marketing campaigns. Make sure that your existing customers are aware of the program and the rewards they can receive for referring new customers.

Track Referrals: It's important to track referrals so that you can reward customers accordingly. You can use a referral tracking system or software to keep track of who referred whom and when.


CubeSmart, a self-storage company, offers a referral program that rewards the referrer by offering $25 off one month's rent. CubeSmart makes it easy for customers to refer their friends by providing a referral link and promoting the program on their website and social media channels.

Customer Reviews

Picture this: You're on the hunt for the perfect self-storage unit, but you're feeling overwhelmed with all the options out there. How do you choose? Well, like most people, you turn to customer reviews. Reading other people's experiences can help you get a better idea of what to expect and whether a business is trustworthy. And that's why customer reviews are crucial for any self-storage company. Positive reviews can do wonders in attracting new customers and establishing your reputation. But don't forget about the negative reviews, they can be valuable feedback that you can use to improve your services and show potential customers that you take their concerns seriously. So, encourage your customers to leave reviews and always respond to them, whether good or bad. Show your customers that you value their opinion and are committed to providing the best service possible.

Monitor Reviews: It's important to monitor customer reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Respond promptly to negative reviews and try to resolve any issues the customer may have had.

Encourage Reviews: Encourage customers to leave reviews by sending follow-up emails after they have used your services. You can also offer incentives like discounts or rewards for leaving a review.

Use Reviews in Marketing: Use positive reviews in your marketing materials, such as on your website and social media channels. You can also create customer testimonial videos or include quotes from reviews in your email marketing campaigns.

Respond to Reviews: Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows that you value customer feedback and are committed to providing excellent service. Responding to negative reviews in a professional and empathetic manner can also help to resolve issues and improve your reputation.


Life Storage, a self-storage company, actively encourages customers to leave reviews. They also use customer reviews in their marketing materials and have created customer testimonial videos that highlight positive experiences with their service. Life Storage responds promptly to negative reviews and tries to resolve any issues customers may have had, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Unlock the Secrets to Self-Storage Business Success

As a self-storage business owner, you understand the importance of providing quality service to your customers. Whether it's through digital marketing, community outreach, referral programs, or customer reviews, these strategies can help you build trust and loyalty with your customers. By showing them that your business is more than just a storage solution, but a partner in their lives, you can not only attract new customers but create a lasting and meaningful connection with your existing audience. So, embrace these marketing ideas and start connecting with your customers. Your self-storage business has the potential to be more than just a business, it can be a valuable part of people's lives, and that is a truly special thing.

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