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Case Study

Local landscape supplies service company with a legacy history

Fra-Dor is a Minnesota-based landscape supply company. Part of it's brand power is that it is a sneaky good company. The customers that use Fra-Dor ultimately are life long customers.

Hoist was tasked with taking this awesome-sauce brand and shouting it from the hilltops. This orginally started as a marketing campaign and evolved into much, much more.

We had to be forward-thinking and find out where their target audience was, and ultimately reach them.

Our Challenge

Reach the 28 - 42 year old female homeowner decision-maker via social media and drive sales.

Quick Result

Over 50,000 members of their target audience was reached on Pinterest and clicked through to their website.

Project Efforts


Persona Creation

Digital Marketing

Social Media


Happily in bliss

Fra-Dor was happily in bliss. Their brand was doing well, at least it seemed that way to them. But when pressed, they truly didn't realize who their target audience was. This is when Hoist stepped in and worked with them to discover who is actually purchasing their products. It all started with a meeting at their location.

Jennifer showed up to the meeting

Through the discovery phase, Hoist and Fra-Dor worked together to define multiple personas that were aligned with their brand. One demographic that came into play was the suburban, 35-55 year old female, homeowner. This persona was one with great potential. Following research and mining of data, Jennifer was born.

The discovery process wasn't just productive. It was fun! We learned so much about Jennifer and now are excited to reach her.
Nick Frattalone

Adding Pinterest to the marketing mix

The persona, Jennifer, told us where to reach her. The data is there to prove it too. Interestingly, the platform is popular across multiple generational brackets—with millennial, Gen Xers, and Boomers all regularly pinning. 80 percent of millennials say Pinterest helps them find things or services they want to purchase, and Gen-X isn't far behind. This fits Jennifer to a "T". We launched a multiple post campaign on Pinterest geared towards Jennifer. This included multiple DIY project ideas.


Within a handful of years, over 50,000 people were referred to their website from Pinterest. Note, this isn't views on Pinterest. These are people that found their post on Pinterest and chose to visit the Fra-Dor website. This influx in traffic was a direct factor in exponential business growth, which allowed them to hire more staff and purchase equipment for their landscape yard.


Pinterest referral traffic to Frador.com.

We've been able to upgrade our equipment since Hoist took over. Darren and Ryan and their staff knock it out of the park constantly. It's exciting to watch Fra-Dor grow year after year. Thanks for all that you do!
Andrew Mars

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