Homeowners Are Spending: What Does this Mean for Businesses?

Hosted by Darren DeYoung, Elin Enrooth and Ryan Boog

The Future Looks Bright

The impact of COVID-19 caused people to retreat to their homes, but consumer spending has led to an unexpected boom of economic activity. This shift, combined with existing demographic, economic, and cultural tailwinds has resulted in a favorable market forecast for home service businesses.

Episode Transcription

Here we are again for another Hoist Hangout. And today we're talking about spending money. Something most of us, probably all of us, like to do. There are a number of converging factors at play that are leading to an unexpected boom of economoic activity around the home. Coming out of the pandemic, homeowners have this new focus. Plus we have these market conditions that are working in their favor that have freed up a lot of resources and things are looking very bright for businesses that are servicing the home service industries.


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