Stop Giving Business to Your Competitors. Outrank Them Locally.

By Ryan Boog

More than half of all mobile searches are local. When it comes to website traffic… why does everyone want to rank first on Google organically only? Shouldn't they focus on ranking first locally?

Your competition is getting all the business they need because they pop up locally. Here you are slaving away to rank first on Google organically. But by neglecting your local rank you are handing business to your competition.

Stop Giving Business to Your Competitors. Outrank Them Locally.


You don’t learn how to ride a bike and then expect to win the Tour de France. You need to establish a local presence and then worry about Google. A little time and effort (and reading this lovely post) will bring you a long way. Alright, let's get to it!


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There are a lot of factors that go into local rank. Securing a Google My Business page is the first step. This lets your customers and Google know where you are. In fact, simply placing your address and local phone number on your website can help you rank locally. If you have different locations, make separate pages for each location on your website. Each page’s title, meta description, and content should be optimized for your local area too.

Local websites that link back to your site are some of the best links to earn. That is why local directories are so crucial for local rank. Are you listed in your local business chamber? Do you sponsor any local events or teams? Get your website link on those sites.

Online reviews can boost your local credability too.


  • • Claim your Google My Business page
  • • Address and phone number on your website
  • • Online reviews
  • • Having location & keywords together on site (Example: Twin Cities Auto Repair)
  • • Listings in local sites/directories (Chamber of Commerce, BBB, Yelp)
  • • Social media presence


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Do you know your local competition? If you don’t just Google some of the same keywords and your location.

Example: Twin Cities Auto Repair

Once you know your competition, you need to find out what websites link to them. One way of doing this is by using a free backlink checker tool. This tool will show you the sites that link back to your competitor.

Example: Your competitor has a link to them from Forbes from a guest post. It would show up in the backlink analysis The more credible sites that link to your competitor, the higher they are likely to rank. You want to try to get your site listed on these credible sites too. Or even better, try to get your link in place of your competitors.

Example: That Forbes guest blog post is from 2015. Write an updated piece and pitch it to replace your competitors. Documenting this information can help you stay on top of the local competition


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Once you know how well your competition is performing locally, outperform them! Keep trying to find new local links by getting involved in the local community. Keep an eye out for any charity, sports, or community events that your business can get involved with. That includes sponsoring, joining, or volunteering with them. You can usually get your link and logo onto the site that you are contributing to.

Other ideas include:

  • • Presenting at a local business convention
  • • Giving away a scholarship
  • • Becoming a member of the local commerce chamber
  • • Offering a free seminar
  • • Submitting press releases to the local press
  • • Don’t forget that online reviews affect your ranking. Do your job well so that people rave about you.


Getting involved in your community will boost your local ranking and your Google ranking. Getting local business is great because you’re working with your neighbors. By doing this you will start to stand out as a leader in your community. If done right, the customers in your neck of the woods will be able to see you online. Isn't that what it's all about?

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