How To Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook Analytics

By Ryan Boog

No longer does your Facebook performance just depend on the amount of likes your page has. In fact, rarely will that give you a clue on how well you are doing anymore.

These days, instead of expecting engagement with your profile, you should look at Facebook as a digital billboard. Facebook is key to your marketing strategy, but you can only take the metrics for what they are worth. Overall, with a billboard or a Facebook post alike, your goal should be to reach the most people.

In your head, you might be saying, “this is the opposite of everything I have read in the past”. You are 100% correct. But as you probably already know, the internet is ever-changing.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook Analytics

What To Look For In Each Facebook Analytic Metric:

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Since we are looking at each social media post as a billboard, the most important metric to analyze is how many people were reached by the post. This means that they saw your post while scrolling down their feed. The more people that see your post, the more people have the chance to interact with your company. Even if they don’t click on or like your post, they are now aware of your brand.

Boosting your Facebook post is a great way to jumpstart your Facebook reach. Even \$5 on a high-performance post can go a long way!

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Engagement is great because the more people engage with your post, the more Facebook will show it to others. They use engagement as an indicator of the user experience. So if you have a lot of engagements (likes, shares, clicks), they will assume people enjoy your post and they spread it farther to reach more people.

You can also use engagement to rank how much people are enjoying your posts. Did a meme do well, but your blog post didn’t? Maybe post a few more memes than blog posts then. Use engagement as a guide to plan your future posts. After all, we want to make our followers happy!

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Page Likes

Page likes are an interesting metric. Although they do help your posts reach more people, not everyone is inclined to like business pages. That makes it harder to judge your success of your Facebook profile by this standard. You may have great posts with high reach, but not get as many page likes as you would like.

The moral of the story, embrace new page likes, but if your page is reaching a lot of people and getting engagement you shouldn’t be concerned.

Page Views

This metric is not very significant. Ok, they clicked on your profile. But if they didn’t engage with your posts or like your page then they were just another viewer.

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You can use this information to identify who your fans are. These insights let you know the age, gender, and location of your viewers. This is helpful to determine if you are reaching your target market. If you are not reaching your target market, but are reaching a lot of a certain demographic you should reassess your marketing strategy.


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The time insight tells you what time of day and day of the week your followers are on Facebook. This information should be used to pick what time your posts will publish. The more users on when you publish your post, the more people it will reach.

Actions on Page

This tells you how many people are probably converting to a sale straight from Facebook. If they click to your site, to call, get directions, or on an action button, it is likely they are ready to buy.


The promotions tab is another can of worms. But overall this tab explains how well the paid promotions are performing.

Google Analytics For Facebook!

Another way to check your Facebook pages performance is on Google Analytics. You can find this statistic by going to the Google Analytics site, clicking “Acquisition”, “Overview”, and then “Social”. When you get to the social page it will tell you how many website users came from Facebook or any other social media platform. You can also look at insights such as bounce rate, time on page, and more!

Keys To Making A Good Facebook Post

Making a killer Facebook post takes a lot of skill and experience. Overall, you need to put yourself in the customer's shoes and think about what they would want to read. After that, you need to focus on wording, format, and grammar.

If you feel like you are not performing well on social media, contact a marketing agency for assistance. They have some great tools and insights to help your improve your social media presence.

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