Avoid The Top 11 Facebook Mistakes Made By Businesses

By Ryan Boog

A lot of businesses think that just by having a Facebook page they are improving their brand. What they don’t know is that if they aren’t doing it correctly, their Facebook page could actually be hurting their business. Here are 11 mistakes that are frequently made with business accounts.

Avoid The Top 11 Facebook Mistakes Made By Businesses

1. Letting your intern run the Facebook page

hello, my name is nametag with intern written on the tag Yes, millennials did grow up in the social media era. This might make them feel like they are social media experts. But until they have training in social media for a business, they know very little about running a company Facebook page.

Business profiles are not the same as personal profiles. They need to be treated delicately. Especially with the harsh standards brands are being held to these days, one mistake could lead to a PR disaster.

2. Posting too frequently

posting too much information
Posting too many updates can overwhelm your Facebook followers. Annoyed users may click the unfollow button because they just can’t handle the barrage of posts anymore. Stick to quality over quantity to get the most interaction.

3. Using low-quality pictures

Low-quality photos can make your business seem unprofessional. Post high-quality, branded photos so that people can identify your brand without even reading your name.

4. Not having a voice

brand personality spectrum and voice on social media A brand's voice should portray the mission and values of the company. Whether you want to come off as funny, inspiring, intelligent, or otherwise, that is your voice. Your voice needs to be consistent throughout your entire page.

5. Only sharing content about the business

bunny rabbit with text it's all about me deal with it on the image
Your customers want to talk about their interests, not your business. Skip the promotional jargon and post things that are intriguing to your target market. For instance, if you are in the lawn care industry. You could share information about turf health. You are not saying “get your lawned mowed by us”, but you are giving them information that will improve the look of their lawn. Social media is not necessarily made to be a hard sell, but to help initiate interest.

6. Posting but not commenting

You cannot just push your content out to people regularly and expect them to read it. Get involved with the conversation by liking and commenting on their posts and directly mentioning people in posts. Pull people in by interacting with them.

7. Leaving reviews untouched

facebook review Facebook reviews are more important than you would think. The last time you went to a new restaurant, you probably checked out how they were ranked on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, right?

Show people that you appreciate their good review by commenting back with a nice message. If it is a bad review, tell them how you would be happy to fix the situation and then take the conversation off of the public page.

8. Posting long paragraphs

long facebook post You only have a short amount of time to capture someone’s attention before they scroll down, so make it meaningful. If you have a long message, it might be better to share it in a video clip.

9. Grammar mistakes

grammar mistake in post
This seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many companies forget to use spell check. If you have a misspelled word or people cannot understand your post, wave goodbye to interaction.

10. Not on a schedule

You should have your Facebook posts planned out for no less than a week beforehand. There is always time to throw in an extra post if something really exciting happens. Ideally, you will have the next month’s worth of posts planned out and ready to deploy.

11. Relying on one type of post

example facebook post A picture with a few words above it or a link gets boring. There are so many other options to get your message across. Try using video, Facebook Live, or a meme to send the same message.

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